Venue Admin Setup

Welcome Venue Admin setup!  This page will guide venue owner/managers through the new FREE Venue Updates feature.  (You must be a venue owner/manager or authorized by venue owner/manager to submit updates for a venue and you must select agreement button when prompted by the app)

  • First you will need to download the app of your choice, enter your profile info with a valid email address and press done.   To complete your first venue update you must be checked in at your venue.  If you are at your venue, the app will bring up a check in screen after you’ve finished the profile setup.  Check in.  (if for some reason your check in screen does not appear please use our contact page and let us know; we will get it fixed ASAP.  Or you can contact by sending an email to  If you see only a red “?” on the main venue list next to your venue, you an also press that to be taken to the check in screen.  This indicates that a venue has been detected but not checked into yet.
  • Once you have checked in you will see the green arrow on main venue list.  Now you can start your first venue update!
  • Hit the gear icon located at the top right of the app.  This is the user admin menu…then touch the Venue admin button.  Here you will be prompted to agree that you are the owner or manager of this venue and that you have full rights to post updates and represent your venue.  (any false representation will be subject to permanent removal from app)
  • Now you are on the venue admin menu … hit the weekly updates button.  Here you can simply start typing away in the blue area.  We suggest the first time to simply put something like, “Coming Soon!” and then hit the submit update button.
  • Once you successfully post your first update you are now the main administrator for this venue!  No more will you have to be checked in to submit updates.  You can do it from anywhere you can get service on your phone!  And you can submit updates as much as you want, anytime you want, from where ever you are!
  • When you are ready, you can go back to the venue admin menu and then to the weekly updates button.  Again, the blue area is a free form area that you can type all the info you need about your venue.  We suggest a daily breakdown of your weekly activities.  We also strongly suggest you offer specials to users like, “Show your BoyGo or ManGo Check in for free cover!” or “Use your BoyGo or ManGo Redeem ticket for a free drink!”  The more guys you entice to download the app the farther your reach and right in the palm of their hand.  (The check-in page and/or Redeem button can be accessed at anytime by touching the green check-in mark on your venue from the main venue listing)

Before long you will not have to even advertise in the magazines anymore!  But to get the word out about your venue, we also suggest mentioning the BoyGo or ManGo app in your ads to help spread the word and to get access to as many guys as possible.

You could say, “Download the new BoyGo (or ManGo) app and look for great specials and updates from our venue!”  or something along those lines.

Each update you submit will turn on a red update button that appears on your venue in the main venue list.  This will alert the user that you have submitted a new update for your venue.  The user can touch this button to see your update.  Once the button is touched it goes away.  Only to pop up again when you submit a fresh update.

Don’t worry though, as there is a permanent updates button on your venue detail page that shows the user your latest update at any time.

From the Venue Admin Screen, as venue admin, you can also authorize up to 2 other BoyGo/ManGo users as venue admins.  This will give those users the same access to the venue admin area that you have, letting them also have rights to post updates.  Way cool, right?

Oh, I forgot to mention that you can also upload up to 7 photos from your phones gallery to blast out along with your updates!  These can be pics of your bar … pics of your patrons … or if you have weekly email graphics, you can post those too!  However you choose, the feature is another great way to keep your patrons interested and up to date with all that’s happening at your venue.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this great new FREE service from BoyGo/ManGo!